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vroom vroom!

Greetings from sunny Australia. When I say sunny, I mean pouring rain. It's like Boltos and Zekrom are having a party here. So the photos I took have very funky colour settings. Oops.

But enough of that, I got some new friends in the mail and I want to share them with you. :)

It seems that while I'm a dragon collector, I have more Ungulate (hoofed) Pokemon than dragons. (looks at Arceus collection. Then Deerling) As soon as I heard Blitzle got a pokedoll, I had to have it! So I scraped some coins I had spare and ordered him. So precious!

I called him Hammond, after my in-game Blitzle/Zebstrika. Who knows Motor Drive and has a rash nature.


kind of like this guy! Top Gear reference!

I've also fallen in love with Samuott/Daikenki. Submarine Narwhal Otter Samurai! How could I not love HMAS Wottercorn?
However I'm going to be super picky with what merch I pick up of him since I can't really afford a 'starter' collection.

Size comparison with a standard size Pokedoll.

Together with his big PokeCen brother (who was a gift from viperfox for Christmas!

I also picked up the Ott Evolution Plamo. I think I have a plamo-kit addiction!

I did suffer from sticker RAGE and decided to paint all the details instead of stickering the models.

Here is a shot of all my Gen V bros!

And where they normally live (I don't like plush on my bed since I don't wanna squish them!)

I also managed to pick up the Best Wishes Dragon phone straps. I love clear plastic a bit too much.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: blitzle, collection, reshiram, samurott, zekrom

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