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Plush Collectors lend me your ears!

Just a quick FYI on shipping: I started to ship out packages week so expect your stuff in the next week or two :3 (of course it’d be longer if you’re international).

Next, I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with my collection. The funny part is, I’m having fun with packing up all my stuff for storage XD!

Since I’m going to college soon, my collection will be locked away for a bit. Once I move out of the dorms second year, I'll get an apartment to myself and have a new place to display my collection :3! Now figures and such are easy to display with a few bookshelves and tabletops, but plush are a whole different story.

I have at least 150 plush and I’m constantly adding to the pile. I want a nice way to display them, but where I can save space in a small living area. I’d like to see/read about your plush collections (large and small) and how they are displayed. I want to get some ideas about how different displays look, how much they can hold and how much room it takes up. I ask so soon because I really wanted to plan ahead on this since I may have to save up some money to buy some cases, hammocks, cubbies, etc.

So yeah, show me what ya got Porfa-please :3!

Oh and to get an idea of my collection dynamics, here’s a really old video of the majority of my plush before starting to be locked away:

Thank you guys very much! Oh and I plan to have a very special collection update soon, filled with grail gets and mall tour goodness X3!!
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