l0opz (l0opz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi I'n new!

Hi guys, so I have been browsing this for a while now and I decided to make my own account so I can start becoming more serious in my collecting. Anyway so far in my collection I own a few TFG's a couple of older toys, manga and a pokemon nintendo 64 :D
I have been very interested in the pokemon zukan collection, and would love to own some myself, however since I am not yet a "serious" collector I would proabably be going for the newer sets, the ones that are easier to come by and cheaper. So can anyone recommend me to any sites that sell new pokemon zukan sets, the genuine legit sites that sell the proper Japan zukan merchandise.
Thanks guys, I hope I my collection can become as good as some of yours in the future :D
(Btw I live in Western Australia)

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