Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Weekly Wants

It's me again! With first off figure wants:

If anyone has a Venusaur FCS lying around, I'd love it. Also on the lookout for a Venusaur figure if it was EVER done as chess piece or TFG, because its size would be perfect in my current collection.

Also wanting any miniposters/leaflets/postcard with movie art on em.
TCG wants list. (doesn't matter if it's english or japanese)
Strikes means cards were found and awaiting outgoing payment :3

Neo Destiny: Dark Scizor
Skyridge: charizard, noctowl, heracross
Aquapolis: tentacruel, miltank, rapidash
Team Rocket Returns: Wooper
EX emerald: Electrode, feebas
EX Dragon: magikarp, Graveler (no.30), horsea (33) Grovyle
EX Hidden Legends: registeel
EX Deoxys: Silcoon, shiftry
Delta Species:  Slowking, Dragonair
EX Holon Phantoms: Camerupt, regirock
EX Unseen Forces: Wooper
Legends Awakened: Kyogre, poliwhirl
Diamond and Pearl:  ponyta, mantyke, vespiquen
Supreme Victors: garchomp
Rising Rivals : Heracross GL
Triumphant: Porygon-Z
Gym Challenge: Blaine
Gym Heroes: Erika's Weepinbell
11th movie comemoration set: Shaymin

Thank you in advance!

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