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magikarp pokedoll auction!

plus sales and a collection update! Wooo c:

pokedolls pokedolls pokedolls pokedolls help i can't stop D: They're usually displayed on a small set of shelves by my windows, but I a) had to rearrange to make room for the two new guys, and b) my cats ever so kindly knocked them down for me. Thanks cats. >:[

I must admit - I never ever ever liked the look of the Shaymin pokedoll. Face is goofy and that hair just looks dumb >:[
.. and then I held one and it was love. So cute and perfectly round and the best little hedgeball *u*

Cutie!!! Needless to say, I love him forever.

I also got a Plusle to match the Minun I've had for a while! It's interesting to see the differences between the Japanese and American releases - Japanese Plusle's ears aren't stuffed while American Minun's are, and their cheeks are embroidered differently! Not sure if they're different between Plusle and Minun regardless of release, but I thought it was nifty -

Plusle's embroidery doesn't have a border and seems to be one thread all the way across, while Minun's is bordered and .. sewn that way. I do not know sewing terms.

The dolls back up on the shelf! :D .. I left my cats alone in my room. I guarantee you that by tonight, the left half of these plush will all be on the floor. B|

i'm sorry this has very little to do with pokemon at all

.. n-neither is this, but I'm terribly pleased with some of my recent non-Pokemon gets/new shelf layout ;u;  I have a nerdy Layton/Zelda/AceAttorney collection post here on my personal LJ if you're interested!

Back to relevancy! I blinged out my Canvaspix a bit c: She wears a silly bracelet I made in highschool art class with a nifty mini magatama because i am a dork  I like how Emonga was ALMOST in the picture, but all you get are his ears XD

KARPDOLL, who I just love to pieces! He's up for auction a few lines below this c: I believe he is the missing link between normal and shiny Vulpix.

aaand that's it for my collection stuff!

The plush tower thanks you for reading! :D

The Pikacar, Buneary heart pillow, and Celebi plush are up for sale/best offer in my sales post HERE, which has also been updated with a few new things as well as had prices on old stock dropped! I HAVE NOT been able to ship my last batch of sales stuff yet, yikes I apologize for the wait ;__; ;; Hoping to get a ride on Monday or Tuesday.. thank you very much for your patience!

Magikarp is glorious and practically minty-mint perfect and minky and soft and I secretly want to keep him, but I think someone else's 'karp or 'doll collection could display him better C: He has his tush tag but no hang tag, but is otherwise fantastic and perfect and soft and wonderful etc etc etc.

Don't you just want to reach through the screen and touch him!? I know I do, and he's sitting a room away from me!

This auction will end at 8 PM EST on Friday, March 25. That's eastern standard time - though silly daylight savings time recently happened so make sure you double-check your timezone stuff if you're international!

Please reply to the previous bidder in the thread below. The auction will start at $20!

And finally, Pidove, Axew, Reshiram, and Drilbur are unclaimed in my clipping figure group buy! I've already BIN'd the lot, so I'll cover the cost of any unclaimed figures. Go go go!
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