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Lots of swag and plushies

I got a ton of new pokedolls, plush, deck boxes and moar today. :D But also...

Well first we headed to Gamers inn to check out the Pokemon state championships! They had a ton of cool merchandise and i met #vaporleon who pimped out a little Pokemon card corner. ;D The raffle prizes were UNBELIEVABLE and i was sad i couldn't stay all day to enter.

Then it was straight to the mall tour! Got some pretty standard merch everyone has seen 4000x times and ran around in my Kyogre hat. Met quite a few new people and had a BLAST

Not picture: 2x Zorua movie cards

So after the stamp booklet craziness I was eager to grab my plushies from the busy line, and I didn't even notice;

Her arm is seriously stuck in that position because of the stitching...god lol. The munchlax is something i got suckered into at toys R' us. Not 100% sure what it is.
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