Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Multipurpose post

#1: Card identifications (all holo). How much are they worth? 
#2: Want to help out Japan, any cell charm you buy, money goes to donation.
#3: Jeansama's GA!

#1: Card identifications

So I have recently gotten these cards. All are holos of Jolteon, Arcanine, Granbull and Lugia, but I have no idea how much they are worth. If you would like to have them, you are free to give me offers :)
(though if you want Lugia, I am considering keeping this, but I will see, depends on the offer given)

#2 I want to help out Japan as well. I am considering getting at least 50$, but it would be great to raise 100$. 

The things I would be selling are these Exclusive European Arceus edition charms (I have most of them multiples):

Would somebody probably be interested? I am considering selling 8$ for each of these, or is that too much? Give me any suggestions. The prices that you would pay is the price for the charm(s) + shipping + fees. The donation will go from the price of the charms only of course.

#3: Jeansama's GA:

To be precise, there is one more day left, so please, get your bids in!!! 


As I have said, it might happen that it will be canceled, but not sure. I will discuss it with jeansama and will let you all know :)

Thank you for viewing! <3
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