Jade Ashley (purdynerdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jade Ashley

Cheap B/W Art Folio cards for sale/offer!

Sales permission given on 01/28/11 by denkimouse

Hello everyone! I have the Target B/W Art Folio cards up for individual sale!

Description: These were given out when you pre-ordered your B/W game from a Target store. The art featured is production art from the game, etc.. The cards are like heavy duty prints and include descriptions in the back.

Pokemon Dream World *PENDING*
Reuniclus and Gothitelle
Unova Region *PENDING*
Dewott *PENDING*
Cheren and Bianca *PENDING*
Zekrom *PENDING*
Pignite *PENDING*
Reshiram *PENDING*
Servine *PENDING*

Pricing: $4.43 shipped for each card, will haggle with purchase of muliple cards. I am accepting Paypal only for the time being. Box is also make-an-offer.

If you would like a card, please be sure to leave your Paypal address to invoice (or if you would like to PM, you may also do that).

If there is multiple interest in a card, it will go to the buyer with the highest offer. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Will only hold for one day.

Condition: The box is a little scuffed up [dog ear on the lower-left corner // feel free to ask for pictures], but is still glossy and in-tact. All cards are also in wonderful condition! :)

Please feel free to offer! I want to save up for my video-game grail! ;A;
Additional feedback can be found at my selling journal - darlingpiesales

Thank you very much!
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