Jesse Roberts (jess111303) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jesse Roberts

Auction and Sale Reminders, Collection Update, and look what I made ~

Alright so, I have a long overdue collection update. Its one big picture cause I'm lazy. Anyway I also have a sales and auction reminder. Also, sorry for posting so soon again but I HAD to share this custom I made and I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw this stuff in as well :)

The auction is here.

The sales are here. Don't bid on the plush there.

This is my collection. My new gets are the teddiursa line zukan from fizzycat, the zigzagoon kid from nagaineko, and the groudon kid and kabuto BK squirter from godudette. I accidentally a
bootleg grimer line collection.

Custom Needle Felted Axew. I made this guy in 3 hours. Stabbed myself six times, but it was worth it. Would anybody be interested in customs of these? I'd like to gauge some interest before officially offering them. He is ~2.5 inches tall.
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