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Dailyboothers anyone? Show off your collection to me piece by piece!

Good morning UK! :B And rest of the world, this is just a quick update, a bit off topic, but I just wondered if any of you have a Dailybooth account?
While I only like to do collection updates as a whole on here (hence why i havent done one in SO LONG) I have realised that as each addition arrives Im always Dailyboothing it!
So I just thought it might be fun to introduce this to you, the site is, and i share the same screen name there as I do on pretty much every site you can think of.

To show examples, look under the cut!

Do forgive the terrible webcam shots!

Raikou and Enteo TFG, just waiting on Suicune <3

Mew pokedoll, forgive me, I was just out of bed!

Its a GRAIL! <3

So yea, let me know if any of you have it, id love to se stuff like this from you all, also whatre you currently collection and is your prized item?
Im mainly collecting the Legendary Dogs, Mew and the Mareep line.

Also, if any of you have the Raikou Johto Dex Charm your willing to sell do give me a shout! <3

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