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Flea Market Gets + Houndoom/dour Collection

Hi! ^^

Making my first "gets" post. So excited! lol. WARNING! Image heavy under cut!

So, I was disappointed about not getting to go to the Black and White Mall Tour event in Florida this weekend. So, instead, I went searching for Pokemon stuff at the Flea Market. And I was shocked that I was successful! ^^

I found a booth that was selling Pokemon card packs for $1. Some only contained one Reverse Holo or regular Holo card...others contained 10 random cards (with or without a holo).

All holos! ^^ My favorite is the Pachirisu. *_* The Shuckle is going to my friend, who also collects Pokemon cards.

First random pack. Got this for the Aron on top...and I ended up getting a new Houndour for my collection! EEE! ^^

Random pack number two. Less thrilled with this one, but it's okay.

Random pack for friend (same Shuckle as in holo pic). Love that Pikachu card. *_*

Then I went browsing the rest of the booth, not expecting to find anything. Hidden in a corner, I found a tiny little basket of Pokemon figures.

OMG! HOUNDOOM!!! I was soooo excited. Two of these obviously aren't Pokemon. lmao. XD! I'm going to make the Kecleon into a charm of some kind, I think.

Didn't get this, but it was cute.

Got this in the mail today. *_* SO CUTE! My first Pokemon pin. Thank you ewokie

I want to get a lanyard so I can start collecting. I like the ones with the characters cut out like this (as opposed to round ones. If you have a Houndoom/dour one or Spiky Eared Pichu...I might be interested. ^^;

And...because I never made an official introduction/collection post: Here's my Houndoom/dour TCG collection. There's another holo Houndoom on the back of the page, but I didn't want to take another photo just to share that. ^^; Currently waiting on some more Houndoom cards from someone I traded on dA. Some of those are German. OO" Speaking of which,
does anyone know where I can get Pokemon TCG cards in other languages (besides English and Japanese)?

Thanks for looking! :D

~ Risha
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