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First ever pokemon commission post

Hello everyone!  I am opening a few slots for my very first commissions ever!  Due to a move and an exsessive amount of yarn, I am here offering my services!

*Given sales permission by dakajojo  on 1/31/11
*I ship from the US and will ship internationally if desired (shipping price most likely will go up)
*Please do not back out, I do understand paypal problems  and I will work around it with you, but backing out just to back out will result in a negative feedback and my future hesitance about doing buisness with you a second time 
*USD only please with Paypal at this time
*I will PM you my paypal email due to a recent issue.
*my feedback is here
I am taking my first ever comissions for what I call My Chrochet Minions and Chrochet Pillows STYLED works

**Please allow some time to pass for crochet commissions, I am picky about my work and will not rush it.  It may take more than a week from start to finish before I ship it to you, thank you for your patience**

**Also I appologize that none of my examples are of pokemon based characters, the people I made these for would hang me out to dry if I made them pokemon, and I rarely make anything for myself or just to make it.  The examples are primarily to show you the STYLE since this is my first commission post on the community.**

My Minions is an origonal basic crochet pattern I made in order to help me improve with hand stitching and I thought they'd make adorable Pokemon.

Cute ne? 
*These guys stand about 6-8 inches tall
*Made of soft acylic yarn with hand sewn details
*They do stand on there own, due to the tail.  So a pokemon with no tail (s) may not work in this style
*As you can see they are rather chibified so markings will be simplified and eyes will most likely be safety eyes
*prices do not include shipping, shipping will be about $3 USD in US and $5-7 internationally
**Payment must be sent within 4 days from agreed commission**

I will be taking 3 slots for minions, will open more if I am able to before my move, I will start a waiting list if there is enough demand so go a head and feel free to ask for a quote!

A Minion base price is $15 for a basic (1-2 colored pokemon)  The more colors/details the higher the price(the cost of yarn is 3-5 dollars a color), but they should not exceed over $30( ex Raikou/Xatu and such)

1. shinysuicune 
2. tyltalis 

Next up is Pillow Crochet Style!
A pokemon done up in a pillow styled crochet pattern!

This pillow messured around a foot and a half long!

*Pillows will range in size depending on tails/snouts**
*Pillows will be the head of a pokemon attached to a square "Pillow" as shown, fine details will most likely be hand sewn on**
*I will open 1 slot for pillows, they are fairly large and take more time, yarn and hand cramps than Minions and I want to finish it all before I move.

*Base price for pillows will be $30 (this one took 2 1/2 yarn balls of white alone!)
*For pillows I will ask for a $10 downpayment just to help me cover materials required within 24hours, the rest will be needed within 4 days of agreed commission**


If you would like to see some PokeCrochet I've finished, you can see some of them here and here

I'm also open minded to a trade oustside of my slots if you are interested in the "normal style crochet" as seen in the two links above, minion or pillow, but it will come last to paid comissions and might be turned down just due to time available.

Thank you for looking and I greatly appriciate any ideas/suggestions/critiques that you are willing to give.

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