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Japan Help

Sorry for the second post this day...will try not to annoy people XD

So I decided to raise the money for Japan...let's see if we can raise 100$ <3

So far raised: 8.00$

The things I am going to sell are these Rare European Arceus Edition cell phone charms:

Piplup - 3 exemplars

Totodile - 5 exemplars

Arceus - 1 exemplar GONE!

Pikachu - 3 exemplars

Cyndaquil - about 3 exemplars

Pichu - 1 exemplar 

Chikorita - about 3 exemplars

Giratina - 3 exemplars

Each of these will be 8$. If you think that is too much, then I can accept 7$ as well, but remember that the money goes to donation, not me :)

You will pay me for the price of the item + shipping to you + fees. The donations go for the price of the items only.

All of them come originally in their eggs and the Arceus edition paper included:

If you would like to exclude being them in capsules and want certain cell charms in bubble wrap only, just tell me :)

Thank you a lot for viewing! <3
Tags: arceus, chikorita, cyndaquil, giratina, pichu, pikachu, piplup, totodile

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