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I've received several packages recently and figured that I ought to post a collection update. :)

The above ACEO was a surprise gift from rayechu ;o; Thank you so much again! <333

Popped into the Seattle Kinokuniya and was surprised to find this and a matching Reshiram. Only $20 too. 8| I was thiiiiiiis close to buying both but I had no space and didn't want to drain my bank account.
(Then I found out I had way more in it than I thought 8CCC)

Best clearfile. Desu and Candle. 8)

Got these two from Ebay along with the above clearfile. Love these. <3 The Chandelure and Cofagrigus. 8D <3333

As a segue into my custom plush how about something in between? :U You've all seen these mini Pokedoll keychain plush on sale from known bootleg sellers. They're pretty cute, and since no official mini ones exist, are customs in that sense. I never could bring myself to buy them though. XD We stopped by some random seedy hobby shop in Seattle a few blocks away from Uwajimaya and I was surprised to see that they had a whole bunch of these. Palkia was kinda ugly and squished looking so I just got Dialga. 8'D They also had a normal sized Spinda doll but it had the bootleg TOMY tag that all these plush have. I wanted to pick it up but booooty. :C

We're going to build up to my favorite. c:
First up is a mini Scolipede plush by my good friend Hannah. :D She is awesome and makes really cute plush. She follows this comm even though she doesn't have LJ. (Hi if you read this~)

Galvantulaaaaaa <333 Cutest spider 8D

And finally:

I did a custom plush trade with tufails and omg I love this plush so much. His arms are completely poseable, even each individual finger can be posed. 8D

This pose is canon.
Spiderbros for life.

(And preview for upcoming grail post 8) )

Lastly have my FOURARMBROS shelf so far:

Kinda unbalanced. 8C Needs moar spiders.
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