Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

Victini, LJ errors, collection!

Hello Community!
I found a soon to be released item for Victini :D I love that little rascal. I don't have anymore room/money to start another collection. Curse you for making adorable things Pokemon people!

I am having an issue with LJ. I am no longer being notified of comments, replies, or messages! I checked my settings and they haven't changed. It was fine 3 days ago...wtf LJ?! So I am not ignoring you guys! I seriously don't know what is wrong :< I honestly used to think people were making it up that their messages weren't working to get out of trouble....but it really does mess up...*sad day* Any ideas on how to fix it??

Look what I got from dionashi the other day. Awesome seller on here btw :) Isn't it the cutest Pika ever?! My kung fu Mijumaru is for size ref. I was able to get the marks off with magic eraser. Good as new!!

Thanks everyone!! Have a great weekend!

Some new sales coming soon. Added a few things here

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