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Recent Gets-General Collection Update

Super duper, making a first GETS post here, got some nice things last week: A Magmortar Banpresto plush for $10, I named him Mr. Kisses *3* Among Mr. Kisses are 3 Pokemon Kids figures that I got 2 per pack for $3 each per pack(Not pictured is a Lapras that I got, traded it to my sister's boyfriend for the Tepig DS stylus Mr. Kisses is holding); the Kids are Meowth, Nidoking and Fearow-and pictured below is a Feraligatre Tomy figure-which I'm positive is just a really well done bootleg since the material it's made from feels weird compared to other Tomy figures, plus its paint smells kind of weird :s-and pay no attention to the shiny Swampert figure, my sister painted her for me last year and I really just wanted to put her in the photo-her name is Kipz ;3

Tags: custom, fearow, feraligatr, magmortar, meowth, nidoking, swampert, tepig

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