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Reintroduction... Sorta! (Collection Update!)

sup guys.

My username may be new, but I've been here for a while. C: I was swtlilangel666 and I've finally transitioned from my username from when I was like... 14 to my new username. :D I absolutely love Sandile, and I was amazed that this username wasn't taken when I signed up for it.

I haven't posted a collection update in a while, so since I JUST finished finals, what better way to start off my break than with a collection update!

Last time you saw my collection it looked like this:

Well, that has pretty much remained the same, except I now also have this:

Yeeeeeah. All my newer stuff has been living in that giant box. XD

I've received a ton of Piplup items from Y!J and from the comm; it's waaaaay too much to post here, but I'll post a few of my favorites. C:

Slippers! The yellow ones are TINY and are for babies, and they're absolutely adorable! The second pair are adult sizes. I've been so tempted to open the package and just wear them since it's been so cold, but I've resisted. XD

Jakks Throw Plush! I was SO excited when I saw someone posting about these new plushes. I went out and bought one right away. 8D I love that Piplup has his own special net ball.

A cute zipper pouch Piplup! I don't really know much about him but he's adorable ;o;

I found this guy off eBay and got him for a really cheap price, but I need some help identifying this guy! He has no hang tag, and all his tush tag says is "MADE IN CHINA." I'm guessing that maybe he was an arcade prize, but if anyone knows anything about him, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! D':

HUGE BACKPACK. 8D I have the fuzzy version of this and I've been trying to get this non-fuzzy version FOREVER. One time, I found it on Y!J but forgot to place a bid, and I was so sad. It took a while to pop up again, but when it did I JUMPED ON IT LIKE A MONSTER.

Bobblehead plush!! ^__________________________^; If you pull the string (the white knob) his head bobs back and forth. It is amazingly cute. c': A user on eBay had these up on his page, and it came in a set with Pikachu and Shaymin. I was hesitant to buy it because I wasn't sure if they sold legitimate plushes or not. When I decided to finally buy the set, BOTH SETS WERE GONE. I was so bummed since that was the only time I had seen that plush. And then amazingly, I found it in a Y!J lot, where you lovely members helped me out with a GA and I was able to obtain this guy! <3

Omg, this guy is HUGE. like XBOX HUEG.  Big thanks to nagaineko for selling him to me. ;____;

DX Pokedoll! A lot of people don't really like the new tags but I find them adorable!

Well, enough with the blue penguins. 8D Now when Gen 5 was first released, I kinda thought all the Pokemon were odd and I didn't think I'd like any of them. And then I saw Sandile ;o;

On the left is the exclusive Namco Plush and on the right is the Banpresto 'Round Form' Keychain C:

So I got the Japanese version of the Pokemon Center plush, and I got the USA release from blackfruitbat (Japanese version on left, USA version on right). The USA release looks... much happier than the Japanese release. It cracked me up when I first got him and compared him to my Japanese release.

I love Sandile, but I also love the shiny form of him ;o; I love his lightish greenish skin color and I absolutely love his blue belly! So I've been commissioning plushes of him for my collection C:


This is a custom made by my_chapstick . It is so cute and it has a lot of personality. If you want a cute custom made plush of your favorite pokemon, I would highly recommend her. ;o; Also... she included a little thank you note that is THE CUTEST THING EVER.

This is custom bell plush that hibikitikibi made. This came out so perfect!

Finally... although you usually see Piplups coming from me, my favorite pokemon is actually Growlithe. =) As many of you know, he's only had one official plush, so I've been commissioning a few artists for plushes of him. c: I've received a few of them, and they are gorgeous!

Growlithe bell plush! Again made by hibikitikibi . Seriously, this girl is so talented.

This is a custom plush that I commissioned from taycs in the style of the onemuri plushes. I absolutely adore it, and the sleepy face is just so cute C:

This is a custom made by f4y3 . I just love the details that she put into it. And it's so soft!

I just got this cutie from Shadowless-Dreamer from DeviantArt. If you're looking for a custom plush artist, I would highly recommend this person. She was wonderful on communication and the plush is just perfect ;o; She even made the little tongue on the side like i had asked! And I love its sitting pose!

Finally, here's my most prized plush that I've shown off plenty of times. <3 I love him dearly, and he was a special gift from my boyfriend for our anniversary. C: He has a collar with a heart on it that says "S+J" :)

Recently, we had a post where we traded links. I didn't have time to reply to everyone but  I have posted everyone's links in my website now! <3 Thank you all who shared links ;o;

You can see the rest of my collection and links to other people's collections at my website:


I'm always open to trading links, so just let me know! :)
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