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Long Overdue Re-intro/ Collection Update

Hey guys,
As I've mentioned a few weeks back in my Wants post, here is my Collection Update. Let me introduce myself since i'm still pretty new to the community. I've joined Pkm Collectors for about half a year now and I absolutely love it here, lots of rare stuff and the most up to date merchandise being sold. Also I love it how GA's run knowing that we're helping each other get what we want. But anyways, I'm from Singapore and I've only really started collecting pkm merchandise when I joined this community.

If you don't already know from my display Pic my favourite pokemon and collection is Minun although I don't have much merchandise currently (More are arriving soon!)

(This is my current Plush collection, quite a variety although you can see I prefer the electric rodents. Still missing Emonga!)

My Minun Collection!
First up is my Minun plush collection. The one on the left is the most loved of all and is my first pokemon plush (You can see its terrible state). I picked it up at Narita airport on my first visit to Japan, so I think its a Japanese release or something like that, if anyone knows exactly what it is please tell me I'll be really glad to know. The one on the right is the Hasbro laying Minun. Lastly the huge custom minun by Starlighteevee is my latest addition to the collection which arrived last December.

Next up is my Rodent collection! The ribbon on Pachi did not come with the plush I put it up myself cause I thought it looked kinda cute. The sitting plusle was my second pokemon plush which I coincidentally won from a UFO machine in Japan on my first try! And the latest to this collection is the Pikachu in the middle which I bought from the pokemon center, if I'm not wrong is part of a rainbow series of some sort I'm not too sure.

For my newest growing collection is the OTTERS! My favourite pokemon in Black and White possibly due to the anime too, Miju is the center of attention in so many of the episodes. This collection will be growing especially with a few kids on the way and hopefully I'll be able to get a larger variety of plush. I've got the Tomy Takara Miju plush as well as the huge pokemon center one which I snagged during my trip to japan last year.

And once again here is my complete plush collection with others such as Axew, Pidove, Tepig, and Snivy mostly from Gen V!

For those who made it to the end of this collection post thanks for spending the time!

One more thing, just some Wants before I end this post!

1) Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy TCG Figure all 3! (I don't collect cards though) I've seen some on ebay, but this community always is safer and friendlier :)

2) Spheal Plush

3) Anything awesome that is Minun related
4) Anything Awesome that is Mijumaru related (Plush! But not the poke center one)


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