sanderfowl (sanderfowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

another new one =0

hello, people of pkmncollectors, im a fellow pokemon collectors who signed up to livejournal just for this.
i don't know how all of this works, so please help...?
anyway, i was a fan of pokemon since i was like 5 years old(now 15) and i decided to become more of a collector.
i live in holland, were there's not much pokemon craze, or collecting abilities.
my main goal will be pokemon zukan, the reason why i became intressed in colleting in the first place. second, i need like 20 pokemon cards to make a complete pokedex of al pokemon!
so far i have like: a lot of pokemon cards, some figures and some plushies(old ones).
hope my collection whill grow soon.
greets, sander
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