Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants reminder

Posting these up as a reminder :3

Looking for Venusaur FCS, Battle pose Tomy. Semi-grail would be the unreleased TFG but I doubt I,ll ever come across it >D
Also wanting any miniposters/leaflets/postcard with movie art on em. (currently have the unown japanese postcard and loving it, and an offer for the shaymin movie poster. Also have the arceus and zoroark movie chirashi/leaflets)
Under cut to save space: TCG wants list. Doesn't matter if it's english or japanese!
Strikes means cards were found and awaiting outgoing payment :3

Neo Destiny: Dark Scizor
Skyridge: charizard, noctowl, heracross
Aquapolis: tentacruel, miltank, rapidash
Team Rocket Returns: Wooper
EX emerald: Electrode, feebas
EX Dragon: magikarp, Graveler (no.30), horsea (33) Grovyle
EX Hidden Legends: registeel
EX Deoxys: Silcoon, shiftry
Delta Species:  Slowking, Dragonair (41 42)
EX Holon Phantoms: Camerupt, regirock
EX Unseen Forces: Wooper
Legends Awakened: Kyogre, poliwhirl
Diamond and Pearl:  ponyta, mantyke, vespiquen
Supreme Victors: garchomp
Rising Rivals : Heracross GL
Triumphant: Porygon-Z
Gym Challenge: Blaine
Gym Heroes: Erika's Weepinbell
11th movie comemoration set: Shaymin

Thank you in advance!

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