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silly little wants post

 I'm looking for a few plush! Some of them aren't rare but I would like to know the cheapest price I can get them for:

The Samurott Pokedoll! I've seen him on Sunyshore for around $38 + shipping but I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get him for less? Probably not, I was just wondering though! :)

The Plusle Pokedoll! I have the Minun coming in the mail that I purchased for $8.50 and I would love to have the two together <3

The Lapras Pokedoll! I was bidding on one on eBay but I lost it ;_;  Thank you allinia ~!

The Cherrim Pokedoll! I always liked Cherrim, especially in its sunshine form. I wish it stayed like that all through the game instead of just during Sunny Day :(

I'm also looking for rarer Pokedolls like the Kanto starters, Houndour, Espeon, and Butterfree but I know I can't get them very cheap right now. And I'm looking to buy Blitzle and Whimsicott also! So if you have any information on any of them please inform me. Thank you! :)
Tags: cherrim, lapras, plush, plusle, samurott
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