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Grail, other items & a question

I never really had a grail before. There were items that I really wanted to get that I thought were rare, but never considered them my grail until last year when I saw a picture of the Pokemon Center Gameboy Light system.  Besides Pokemon, I like to collect Nintendo hand-held systems. I own a few Pokemon Center edition hand-helds all ready (if you guys remember some of my other posts), but I think that the Pokemon Center Gameboy Light is the nicest designed one that I own.

(If you care to see my Nintendo hand-held collection, go here: The Gameboy Family)

Follow the Groudon for more stuff ^_^
(Somewhat image heavy!)

Groudon is all ready to go. He's packed all his things in his little bag.
(I have 2 PokePark Groudons and this one I like to play around with.)

Groudon Army:

These are some of my favorite Groudon figures:

Awesom Groudon DX UFO

And he had his tag too!

Black & White Stuff & Other Items:

The Reshiram and Zekrom Pokedolls are amazing. So soft!

Random Meji Pokemon Candy I found while going to NYC:

(Some were yummy and others were.. um.. interesting...)

I also got both Pokemon games (I'm playing White now), 2 Toys 'R Us legendary starter kits (they were free with purchase of the two games), the Toys 'R Us promo bonus (Zekrom and Reshiram wall clings),  the collectors edition strategy guide (I have one I'm using and one sealed, because Amazon had them for cheap), B\W tour starter plushes (I won Snivy in the raffle thing), B/W tour starter  patches (my BF won those for me in the raffle thing), 2 B\W art book (one is sealed), B\W tour jumbo movie card, and some other Pokemon Center Johto Charms.

(I thought I'll not post pictures, because we all have been seeing the same B\W items all ready.)

I've been getting a lot of Groudon stuff lately.  He's been turning into one of my major favorite Pokemon.  I have the USA with the red Pikachu hang tag and the Epcot red Pikachu hang tag Pokedolls.  I was  wondering how hard is it to find a Groudon Pokedoll with the Japanese hang tag and is the new USA Groudon Pokedoll still around?  I would love to get both versions.  (Also, please let me know how much would I expect to pay for the JP version.)
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