Azrael Alexander (azraelalexander) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Azrael Alexander

Cheap-rear end card sales

Rules are cool! Read them.

- I ship anywhere! But please, for this sale make sure your purchase is at least one dollar usd before shipping.
- Please allow me a week or two to ship!
- Feel free to haggle! Large orders get discounts.
- I will hold items for 24 hours
- All cards will be shipped in a protective toploader and sleeve. Shipping for a regular envelope will be $1 for any order, $2 for any order shipped in a bubble mailer for extra protection.

All cards are in mint/near mint condition. No bends, creases, tears, or scratches. Minor edgewear is the worst you'll see on any of these.

Leafeon - $1.00
Eeeveelution promos - 75c each or all 3 for $2 Flareon Sold

Suicune - $1.00
Charizard - 75c
Lugia/Ho-Oh promos 75c ea. or both for $1.25

Manectric - 25c
Sceptile - 50c
Gyarados - $2.00
Scyther EX - $2.00

Reverse Holo Dawn Stadium - $1.00
Vaporeon - 75c
Dusknoir - 50c
Chansey - 50c
Dialga - 50c
Zapdos - $1.00
Tyranitar $1.00

Electrode $2.00

Arcanine - 50c
Absol - 50c
Reverse Holo Palkia - 75c
Mightyena - 50c
Vulpix - 15c

(ps.- pretty sure this is ok outside of a cut, but if not, give me a holler.)
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