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Collection update and Darumaka wants. c:

Hello everyone!

I haven't done a collection update in awhile, so I thought I'd do one. c: Most of my collection is scattered around my room, so I finally brought it all together to show it off. :D

First, my Snorlax collection... which, of course, is my main focus. :D I haven't added too much to it, but it's a nice size and I'm happy with it. I would reaaaallly love the zukan, though. And pokedoll Munchlax snuck in. hehe.

Close up of my figures and flats. I love the in case figure and the megablok. C:

All my other pokemon merchandise. Dittochu was a present from my amazing boyfriend for Christmas and he is seriously the best plush I have ever held. :3 I don't collect anyone else exclusively, but I do want to start a Darumaka collection and get some Scraggy/Scrafty merch. I do own the Banpresto Darumaka plush, but he's my travel buddy and currently resides in my car hanging from my glove compartment. More on Darumaka later...

And this is just a close up of my random kids, figures and such. :D

A big thank you to anyone I have ever bought from!


And now a wants section...

Darumaka has creeped his way up to my second favorite pokemon ever with his derpiness, so I would love to start collecting his merchandise. When most of his stuff came out in Japan, I sadly was broke and couldn't get any. If anyone has any of the straps, his kid, the chopstick rests, plush (besides the banpresto one)... I may be interested in purchasing them from you. :D

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