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WANTED: B/W Tour Starter Patches

First, a confession: I was going to stay at my dad's for the entirety of spring break, but I told my mom I wanted to see her, so she flew me out to Arizona. But... in reality, I wanted to go to the B/W Mall Tour to get.... STARTER PATCHES. And what happens when I get there? They're giving out paper "visors" instead of them. WHAT. 

So pkmncollectors , I need your help! I NEED THESE  IN MY LIFE!

I am willing to sell you my soul for these patches. I also have a Tepig Pokecenter Plush that I won on the wheel that I could happily offer in a trade or what-not. I can also offer drawings, flat-plush keychains, and payment. I just need them...please. o3o
I feel bad for the members here who were with me- they had to experience my heartbroken theories about how the staff members were hiding the patches from me. Still, it was so wonderful to see everyone again and to meet some people for the first time! :D
And in case anyone is interested, here is my loot from the tour, minus the two shirts I bought: LOOT
Tags: oshawott, snivy, tepig, wanted

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