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Collection Update and Wants

:D Little collection update! Considering I started at the beginning of the year w/no real collection to speak of I think I have amassed a respectable amount! I am really trying to limit myself to just things i REALLY want and not things i just think are super cute... because pretty much everything is super cute!!

I love my little plushies so much.

You got my Lapras pokedoll w/her huge cute eyes;

My custom Quagsire from the lovely hottiehulio, I love him so!

MY FAVORITE: Pikachu-pumpkin-head... I love Halloween, it's my fav holliday and when I saw the line of merch mixing my love of pokes and my love of the black&orange I was so excited! And if anyone has any of the other merch and are looking to sell it let me know (such as charms or pins), though I am not looking for the other plush, I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the accessories they added to the Halloween pokemon ~ the flimsy cut-outs just didn't do it for me.

And last but not least my lil Snivy. I love this guy. Super snobby and super soft :P 

And my favorite part of my collection, the charms!! EEE the pika-pumpkin charm is so much LOVE! but all of these pokes are awesome IMO. I am still looking for Quagsire, Kingdra, and Lapras!! I saw them all on Y!J but I lost all of them ;_; even going up to 3500 yen for Quagy and Kingdra auctions. Sigh.


And last but not least a little sales plug, all of the following are up for offer on their own thread:

Click the pic to be transported


Thank you all for looking !!!


On another note I am looking for a decently priced Munna Pokedoll (MWT please) 

My good friend is in love w/this pokemon (not one of my favs XD ...) and I would love to get one for her ~ so if anyone has one for sale please let me know, and the price you are looking for.
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