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Selling old Pokemon items? and other questions

i've been watching this LJ for a while and finally decided to join. I have a huge collection of older Pokemon items (from the very beginning for a few years I was an avid collector). I need to thin out my collection and keep just a few of my favorite things, but I have no idea if people still like the old items. Do people still collect kanto pokemon stuff?

All the stuff is at my grandma's house right now, but I can take pictures this summer. I won't have a lot of time there though so I need to figure out if I want to sell the stuff here or on ebay or something. Here are a few things I remember having that I wont be keeping.

Lots of tcg cards from 1st ed base through some Rocket including some of the misprint cards
Lots of Japanese promos including original birthday Pikachu, vending cards, southern islands, gym decks, Corocoro Togepi/Marrill, ancient Mew, Neo binder, more
Lots of Tomy 2 inch figures
6 inch or so trainer figures
Gold card Burger King promo pokeballs
KFC beanie plushes
and lots of other stuff from that time period

Is it probably best just to make a few big auctions on ebay?

I also have a question regarding the Zukan 1/40 scale figures. Are they coming to america? I would like to collect the original 151 but can't pay $10-20 per figure.

EDIT: I forgot I had another question. The Tomy figures in the US used to come with gym badge pins. I remember having at least two or three different ones. Did they ever release all 8 kanto badges? Or did someone else make them? Not the TCG badges that look like this: but ones that look like actual badges. I can't find a picture. Sorry.

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