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Collection update + lowered prices on sale items + small wants

Hello, all. As said in the subject, there will be an awesome collection update of Latias and Dialga.


First arrived super delicate  Latias bottlin figure. I've eyed on this one for some time and finally got one from amazed mewten . It came out just as the same size I expected and you can simply hold it between your  thumb and index finger.

Next came the super duper soft MINKY Latias - yay! I recently started collecting a rainbow line of minky pokedolls and most of them are hard to get. Pretty lucky to find this Latias in a trade with bellyofthewolf . The feeling of this kind of fabric is really different from velboa. Very soft and I highly recommend getting a minky pokedoll after this!

My small Latias collection so far. Throw out a question about an item and I will be very happy to make an introduction. :D

Intimidating Dialga is using Roar of Time! Thank you roxiexcore and I really enjoy the candies coming with the item! Yum Yum...

All three versions of a kind of Dialga tomy - translucent, glossy, and regular one. It's hard to get a picture showing the difference between a glossy and a regular figure.

And my small Dialga collection so far.

Second, there are quite a few figures left in my sales post. So I decide to lower my price by 25%, before shipping and fees, on every single item you purchase . This offer will last for one week, so get your wants off quick! Click the picture to be transported.

Finally, I am looking for a Jakks Flareon and Jolteon figure if anyone is considering selling theirs. :)
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