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Sales post!

Hi all! From everyone who bought from me before, I am shipping packages out tomorrow for sure since the car had to go to the shop during the weekend <3 I'll give you a message once I send it out. For people buying today before 2PM tomorrow, I can send it the same day. =) I have stuff like Vulpix, Butterfree zukans, Beast PLAMOs, megabloks and more, Clicky click for rules and sales!

Shipping from CA
Shipping starts at $2.00 for small non flats like megabloks
If you want insurance/delivery confirmation please ask! I am NOT responsible for lost packages
Receipt will be provided upon request
Paypal only
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10

Vulpix zukan piece - $20
Butterfree zukan line - $15

Pokemon PLAMOs: ***NOTE
Entei: $8
Suicune $8

Will take offers on WHOLE SET, but must be higher than $8 for Raikou since I am very attached to him. Will not sell Raikou individually. :) ON HOLD

***NOTE: I built these myself... But if you want to have the fun of "building them again" xD I can disassemble them and send it to you in pieces with the instructions. O_O Otherwise I will ship them like this and they will have to be in a box since they are fragile.

Staraptor on a BOAT figure - $2
Chillarmy strap - $5    *** I only bought this for the strap, so it's a deal if you just want the Chillarmy figure. xD STRAP NOT INCLUDED

Dustox zukan - ONLY DUSTOX LINE. Does not include Beautifly and it's Silcoon version.  -$6
Mightyena figure. Has hole in the bottom but unsure if kid. CUTE NONETHELESS - $8

Super cute Goldeen Playbyplay - $18


Umbreon - $1.50
Slowking Prime - $2.00

Croagunk Settei - $5 will include the yellow slip/folder

Tags: sales, zukan

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