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Custom Coasters

Hey pkmncollectors , I just had a random thought while sitting here.

Even though, I dont yet have sales permission, which will *fingers crossed* change soon, Its got me thinking about comissionable services. While I LOVE seeing all the cute custom charms on here, I dont have the first clue on making them, but would anyone be interested in custom COASTERS!? :D

Ive just been sitting here drawing Minun and Plusle and thought to myself  'heck that'd make a cute coaster' so I thought I would ask.
If theres enough interest, for when i do get sales permission I may open a few comissions. How I would do it is by drawing a picture, coluoring it with copics, laminate the picture and stick it to a cork sheet and cut to size.
So, please let me know what you think :S

For those who may be interested, heres the current WIP of minun and plusle! (please note, this is the first time ive drawn Pokemon properly since the days of first gen :S a bit self concious of this atm! ^^; ) But if your interested in any of my 'human art' do check me out on


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