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Questions for Custom Plush Sellers/ Buyers

 I want to start making custom plush. I was thinking large, pillow like plush modeled after the Charmander and Dragonite pillow plush.  I would of course need to begin getting feedback to sell them or trade them but I would like to begin practicing now. They will be made out of ver soft material and mostly be lay down plush. They will all be very big unless otherwise specified. 

My first one will be a Quagsire, because it seems a little easier (cuz of the eyes and shapes). I have successfully made half of a large espeon and it looks great but I messed  up part and never went back to it. 

I was just wondering how you guys go about it and what you would charge because once I get sales permission (though for a while Id only be offering trades) I was wondering how long it would take to save up for a better sewing machine. 

I was thinking that it would make sense to ask for a deposit to buy the materials; 20 for the main color, than 5 for each additional (considering these will be huge plush. About 2 feet long.) Also I believe there would be a 10-15 deposit for the stuffing because I bought a bag last time for 9.99 and it wasn't enough. How much do you charge in the end for a very high quality doll. Because knowing me and my OCD, this would be something I would spend like a day straight on but have it look absolutely as I intended it to.  
I feel that 100 dollars  (or that worth in trade) is reasonable for a great quality really large custom plush and more for complex ones (like a vulpix for the on his head or a vaporeon for his marks, or much more for a pokemon like Reshitram. Then cheaper for ones like hoot hoot and Quagsire.
I was just wondering if this is something I just invest my time in. I know I can be very good at it, I already am getting there. But I do have to get a job to pay for some things. If I was able to make a doll for 100 dollars a week I would be fine, though. I just kind of want to make them but like taking requests and being challenged. But I wont begin to invest in a sewing machine and such if I don't have enough time or make a lot of money.  (Please don't think I am being greedy, I just don't want it to become a stress that isn't worth it at times.)
I  would hope to start, and get enough feedback to trade and take orders by this summer in June or July. I can practice on a doll of your requests but cant recieve deposits or guerantee that you will ever receive it. Lol. But if you would like to see me try and potentially buy it over the Summer, feel free to let me know what interests you. I have been thinking about it for a while now I just need to decide if it's really worth it and get some questions answered.
What do you think? How much do you think it is worth?

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