Apple (felixkeep) wrote in pkmncollectors,

my 2nd introduction ^^

i bought a lot from ebay, and had them collected today. they are totally love!
i would appreciate if anyone could tell me the series they are in, cause mostly are the 1998/9's series which i'm not sure of.... the seller who sold to me, kept them in too perfect condition, that i could have went kya for ages...

they are all totally loves ~

the more i look at this, i'm totally loving this. even though its not my bias.

looking at this tag is totally making me go "omg at the year it was.."

but it won't be older than the ones coming up next...

these are like 1998's?!?! though no tags... Question i would like to ask, which series are they from?

less gloom, otherwise it would have been a lovely family. again the 1998's...

what's with patamon doing in this photo! XD the seller was generous XD

and lastly gen 5...

i had koffing entered into the pokeball (which probably due to the years... the button came out...)<-its a 1999's.

and so yeap, within less than a grew from just yanappu (which i now rename as pantree) to this many...

although i would probably be either selling / trading them once i get my permission granted XD
Tags: collection

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