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Most of My Collection!

I finally found time to take pics of most of the stuff in my collection!  There are still a few things that I have yet to take pics of because they're tucked away safe in boxes, which I must rummage through later.  I also used to have more figures and stuff in general but my mom works at an elementary school and I gave them to her to give to some of the kids.  I hope you all like what I have >w< Pics under the cut~

Happy plush family!! >w< The Latios and Weavile I got from the 10th Anniversary tour, the Snivy and Giga-Reshiram I got from the BW Mall Tour.  My friend got me the Mudkip as a gift a long time ago, when RS were the newest games, from Pokemon Center NY (oh how I wish it was still a Pokemon Center ;-; ) Arceus and Zorua I got from eBay.

My guides!  I used to have a lot more, but I learned the hard way not to let people borrow your stuff QQ

Yay for Pokemon Center bags~ The two on the left I got from the BW Mall Tour, and my friend got me the Mudkip bag from her trip to the Pokemon Center NY.  The Mudkip bag is really beat-up but that's because I use it to carry my games.

My games~~

Some system cases.

Preorder figures (only missing Ho-oh~), styli from the Starter Kit (case featured above), and styli from the Legendary Kit.  I used the daylights out of that PokeDex book xD

Some more stuff from the Mall Tour~ My family decided to stay with me and my friend so they got some stuff too.  I bought the figures, and the cards are from me and my family.

The pin is from playing the demo of Black and White, and my brother and I both won Snivy styli (I currently use one, the one pictured is from my brother xD) My mom won the phone charm, and my dad won the patch (he was so angry! xDDD)

Zekrom be trollin' xDDD

Some TCG binders (I'm currently using 2 of the mini ones to hold some of the 2010 championship decks), the preorder Palkia stylus, and my family's movie tickets from the Mall Tour (for some reason I had to give my ticket to get my card, but my family didn't >.> <.<)

Shirts from the Mall Tour (I wear the Reshiram one occasionally xD)

The BW Game Art Portfolio, and the Pokemon Cooking Club magnet set~

The cartridge cases that came with the Starter Kit and Legendary Kit, and one of the screen cleaners and special DP Pencils (again, I'm using the other ones x3)

And finally, my systems~~ <3
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