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That Pikachu Girl

Collection update and Small wants list

Hi folks! I'm trying to make a big update at the end of every month or so, and today I got in not one, BUT TWO pikachu packages, so I got really excited and decided to update~ This update also includes my B/W tour gets, and a third package I got a few weeks ago.
Also, at the bottom of the post, there's a few wants. I think I can uncut for thooose
As usual

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten I'd turned down the resolution of my camera, so the images are pretty small and not great qual, buuut I ain't no pro, so anywho

Alotta figurineesss

Tiny ones too! the little one's a bell! I could hear it ringing from inside the package and just needed to open it asap~

plushes~ I got a close up on the big one because he is SOOO RETARDED

Don't get me wrong tho, I love all pikachu, Retarded ones are great finds, because they're harder to come across, but so cheap!

more plushies~ I thought the pikachu was sooo cute, that I attached him to a hat (and then Oshawott put it on) Also, a masterball that Zorua thinks is his

Masterball in action! 10 pikachu in one shot!

I forgot to include these in my photoshoot (i always forget something) but I got a few pics with them on when they arrived, so it worked out.

o look some other retarded thing *shot*
obviously, I like retarded pikachu for a reason
ANYWAY! what I'm trying to show off are the gizamimi pichu ears! It took me a while to find a pair, but I was quite excited. Unfortunately, I no longer no when (or if) I'll be doing my gizamimi cosplay, but they're still a great find and I plan to wear them alot during the summer.

And some wants (lets see if that uncut worked)

I'm looking for theme park prize pikachu. This isn't really a hard find, I'd imagine, but I'd like to see if anyone on the comm is selling one.
A theme park prize buneary would be awesome too, but I dont know if they're as popular, my friend has one though, so I know they exist.
I'm also looking for one of the new, super interactive, talking pikachu, for a price that's like, less than 100 bux. I know that's asking for ALOT (or a little? lol) but I'm not really looking to purchase him now, just keeping a look out, and wanted to broadcast it.
Anywho, that is all~ Thanks for reading~~
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