koujakai (koujakai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA reminder and sales slashin'. <3

Hi thar, comm.
Here's a midway reminder for the awesome mandysaurus_rex GA! We haven't quite reached what we need, so get those bids in! There's TONS of items without bids. Click the picture to be transported!

Also, a sales plug. Every price has dropped by a dollar or more! Help me recover from con season, my loves. :'D

For those of you that may be trying to contact me, my notifications and PMs are going insane! I'm getting notifications from like, a month ago fresh into my inbox. Is anybody else having this wierd issue? Anyway, I'm trying to comb through my inbox and look for notifications that may be more recent, since they are sending out of order and appearing that way in my inbox as well. If there's something you need from me or anything, let me know through this post so I am able to check back to IT instead of all my past posts. If all else fails, my AIM is CheshyreMutt. <3

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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