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Hey all! Long time no see, guess who's finally moved in to their new home in Buuuuuurbank??? I've been away for quite a bit due to packing and getting settled in. I'll be sure to post a collection update once my items get to me from Japan. C: Their really good ones, let me tell ya. *w* Anyway, I've been really busy working lately, trying to get a job at Cartoon Network or Disney and doing test after animation test. X_X But when I got to my new home, set up my PC and booted it up.....it was totally hacked with viruses. And there is no way to start it back up again. My friend tried working on it, I took it in to get checked but that didn't tell me much and I've tried fixing it myself but I think its kaput. ;3; I had this computer for about 7 years now so I guess it was about time it kicked the bucket. It served me well....SO since my job requires PC computer acess *Im using my laptop atm* I am selling some things to buy a new one. ;3; My *future job* depends on it! I have some big plush up for auction with a bit of small sales. To also help me raise some money I have a few lots on Ebay.......



These are all going to be used to help me save up for a new computer. I've really slashed the prices on these more than I would like but theres a lot of good stuff in each lot. Including pokedolls, foot print figures, jakks, pokecen johto charms, complete decks, kids and more! NOTE: That I will NOT be separating anything from any of the lots. You have buy it all to get what you want. I don't mind if you all did some sort of Group auction for the lots. Any purchase would be most appreciated. These end in 4 days.







Up for Best Offer~

*Mint, with hang & tush tag.
*20' inches high, very huuuuuuge. Ho-oh Pokedoll sits next to him for size comparison.
*Nice and Huggable.
*Bigger than a 1:1 Shinx!
*Official Toy Factory plush.
*Only available as carnival prizes, extremely rare and hard to find!



So I recently won a lot with some Absol stuff and came across another Pearly Absol TFG! I don't need two so I'm putting this one up for Best Offer~ I know these are on the rare side so nothing too low, please.


POKEMON -Pokeroms

These are oddly shaped CD-Roms released during the time of the second movie, they have info of the featured Pokemon on the disk along with some educational mini-games. I would suggest NOT putting these in your computer.

They are $7 each


(Small Pikachu Pokedoll for Size Reference)

I'm really hesitant to sell this plush but due to my computer troubles I might consider selling it if the price is right.
He is brand new with both tags in tact. He's super huge and great for cuddling. ;3;
Best Offer Starting At $40.


I also have this custom made Breloom Plush Up For auction:

He's probably around 6-7 inches. Made of super soft minky, cuddly fleece and thread.Hes completely hand sewn and has embriodery around his eyes and mushroom dots.

Starting Bid starts at $45


Garbodor, Serperior, Emboar, Herdier and Eelektross.
ART CARDS: ALL $10.00 Each

Drawn with ink, prisma markers and gel pen. These are the same size as a "Pokemon Trading Card".
It will be $2 to ship these to the US and $3 to ship everywhere else. They will come with plastic sleeves.


Tags: absol, breloom, custom, eelektross, elekid, emboar, garbodor, gen5, herdier, hoothoot, ledyba, mew, pikachu, plush, poliwhirl, sales, serperior, shinx, slowking, squirtle, togepi, zapdos

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