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Jakks Pacific Real Action Deluxe Garchomp: have you seen me? Dial 555-9101112 (MYSTERY SOLVED)

I...LOVE...GARCHOMP. He's a freakin' shark that's also a dragon, what more can I say? Then I hear about this large, talking Deluxe Garchomp figure from Jakks Pacific, found on youtube and an old livejournal entry. But wait a minute...I never SAW this guy at stores next to Electivire, Cranidos and Lucario. Why, he was never even advertised behind the box. I know if I ever did find him at the time, I'd buy him at retail price. But no. All I hear about him is "Jakks weird distribution methods" and "I saw him at a store in East Coast America".

I then decided to contact Jakks themselves. In my experience, they answer promptly and by someone of flesh and blood, so it felt natural that I ask them first. I sent an email, with all the details to ensure the answer I receive is as helpful as my question. The response:

Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations,


In order for me to check and see where the product was sold I would need the item number.  If you can provide me with the 5 digit item number I would be more than happy to check and see where the product was shipped to.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

Thank You,

********* **********

Jakks Pacific Inc.

Thank you, Jakks, you california-based toy factory you. Not what I was looking for, but your customer service is still impressive.

Now this brings me to you. For the handful of people who have a the Deluxe figure or have at least seen it at one time, where did you find yours? Were they of abundant amount? Or were they rare? Elusive? Or do you perhaps have the item number I can provide so that we can end this mystery for good?


Thanks to wildorched, I was able to provide Jakks with sufficient information to give us the final answer:

The product hasn’t shipped since 2009.  When it did ship it went to Fred Meyers and Shopko.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact me. 

Thank You,

!@#$%^& ^%$#@!

Jakks Pacific Inc.

THERE! That explains...EVERYTHING!!!

Not to mention it makes me cry...

These dang stores are hidden in the deepest parts of America, hidden in caves where dragons sleep, with walls of candy shaped like diamonds...right next to Equestria.

The Mystery is Solved. But some mysteries still why would they sell a toy exclusively by region? And Why are their distribution methods so weird? I mean if you're based in California why don't you just SHIP to California? Also do Digletts have feet? How do they get on chairs?

Anyway, it's further sadder news when I find out Garchomp wasn't the only in the list of Jakks Pacific's elusive toys. Turns out they had Golem, Magmar and Electabuzz to come with it. It's also weird cuz he aint a Gen 1 Pokemon. Oh well, I just hope that Golem wasn't better than the Rival Reactor figure that shelfwarmed at my TRU's and Targets.

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