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Tomy MC question.

I've just been looking through the boxes where I've packed away all my Tomy MC 2" pokemon. I used to collect these avidly before I got into Zukan and now TFG. They've been gathering dust with nowhere to display them. But, I think I'll start a Facebook Site for them, to go with my Facebook "Pokemon Zukan" site, and I'll photo them all and put them up on there, at least as a reference if nothing else. I've been so out of the picture though that I don't know which ones are currently desirable (if any). I've got all 1st and 2nd gen pokes, and most 3rd (not sure they released figures for ALL 3rd before they moved onto 4th). Got some 4th, some 5th too. Actually some of these things are really nice. The top of my computer monitor is currently adorned with Plusle, minun, Skitty, Buneary, Ampharos, Manaphy, Jirachi, Crawdaunt, Phanpy, Wobuffet, Politoed and Croconaw. Though the shiny vinyl is less appealing to me than the matt finish of most Zukans, they're still very well crafted on the whole. I'll try and get a Facebook site up and running in the next week with a library of images, if anyone is interested. :)

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