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Curious post

 I ask a lot of questions here because it is simply FANTASTIC to get the scoop on Pokemon merchandise from you wizards!  That being said, I have come to inquire about V-Trainers! 
Specifically... which Pokemon got them? Were there a whole bunch? Because I could be wrong, but I seem to recall owning the majority of them (or every single one I found at my Toys 'R Us, anyway). 
Currently I have Totodile, Sneasel, Noctowl, Dragonite, and Steelix, and I remember owning Raichu, Houndour, Misdreavus, Treecko, Ampharos, and Sentret.
...  Possibly a few more, as well. I know of the existence of Houndoom and a Metagross (possibly an Umbreon as well, though I could be wrong) V-Trainer Prototype... are there any more? 
(For the record, I was able to track down a Pryce V-Trainer card and two of the electronic games-- translucent purple and neon blue patterned-- and actually play the V-Trainer. WOW! ... It was pretty boring, actually. And dang confusing, with that tiny little screen~ xD;)

Also, I'm burning to know if anyone has any information on the set that this Wigglytuff was from? 

(it's standing on top of a quarter for size reference!)
 I remember my dad bringing home a buttload of them one day (I think he got them from his work)-- I know for sure I used to have a Kangaskhan, Koffing, Pidgeotto, Kakuna, and Ivysaur, though I sort of think that everyone Generation 1 Pokemon had one! And maybe even a few humans, as well... I'm picturing James and Nurse Joy in this form... 
But of course it's been a long time and my memory is foggy, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated! 

One more thing, sorry for the rambles, but I stumbled upon something in my room that I think may be of some interest-- one of those little manuals that comes in-box with a game... for Pokemon Yellow! Crazy, right? I'm off to go read it, actually. xD;
(whoops, I did two cut links... heheh, sorry 'bout that. XP)


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