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March updates!

Update time! Alright, here's my latest gets from this month! *whew* It sure has grown since I started here a little over a month ago!

Here's a sneak peak of my FIRST package I received from Japan a few weeks ago! Just what could it be??

Lots more pics ahead!

But before we get to the mystery box, here's a set of Jakks' Shellos! I saw them up on eBay and they looked super cute together... And then the price went up by $5 when I was deciding on them >_> I ended up seeing West in a store and had to have both, so I put my eBay order in and glad I did! (I just hate it when the price goes up though :/)

Ahhh my Pokemon Black and art folio <3 I was looking forward to the Legendary stylus pack from Toys r Us, but when I heard  Target had this, I HAD to get it! I'll get White eventually when it goes on sale.

Luxio! I've been looking for this guy for a while! Glad I found him!

And here he is out of the box (he was hard to prop up!)

Another lucky get! I haven't seen any Lugias, and one Walmart I checked in had  about 3 of them!

Out of the box shot...

OMG I was soooo happy when my Pokedoll order came in! Thanks so much blackfruitbat !! Glad I could grab these before the kiosks switched over.

Mystery box from Japan! Oh, just what could this be??

Wait... a box of ramen?? This can't be right, I can get ramen domestically already...

Oh lookie!! It's my kids lot I won off of eBay!! I only bid once, not having alot of money at the time, and actually won it to my surprise! A mixed bag, but they sure are awesome! And a clear Blastoise!!

Now onto my AnimeRaro eBay order I did! Starting off with my vinyl Samurott! I starting seeing other vinyls on the community, and checked out the eBay page to see this beautiful beast! OMG he is just too awesome!

Also in the same tiny box (which I`m surprised they all fit), was my set of shiny legendary dog trio zukans! My first zukans over, and hopefully my last that need to be assembled... These guys are beautiful, zukans are awesome, but... PUTTING THEM TOGETHER SUCKS!!! EVERY single one had some type of problem! Entei`s head had a hard time staying on, Raikou`s tail BARELY sits in place (will super glue in the future...), and Suicune... *shudder* Well, his crystal needed to fit into to both his head and ribbon at the same time. Was that ever a hassle to do, and  I was so scared of breaking the poor thing! Well, after tons of effort, I did manage to make them all... And them store them away for now, since I have no place where to put them right now, and I don`t want to lose any pieces if they fell off :/

My limited edition guide also came in on the same day (Amazon took forever because of it being a Sunday release). It's hard, I'm to NOT spoil the new Pokedex until I encounter them in the game, so I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself in here :p Once I find them (or at least find most of them), then I'll thouroughly look through! Huh, I'm surprised the lenticular card landed on my version of the game when photoed :p

(I didn't even realize the sticker was on the tin when I took the pic :/ Oh wells...) Alright, I had to pick up one of these tins starting with Tehpig! I swear his bottlecap is the cutest one of the 3 with his snout flare :D I plan on getting the other 2 eventually, but too bad the Black and White cards are the same, I assume :/

Quite a nice haul of cards! An Entei sparkly cards (so many different types of holos now, I don't know what to call it :p) And the top half of the Palkia/Dialga battle! Very awesome!

Now, this item turned out to be a pain of a purchause... I went to check out on an AnimeRaro purchause (on their website) to see that this one was sold out :( Now, instead of getting it for only $11, I had to pay $24.99 for it on Amazon! Oh, awesome, it's sold THROUGH Amazon! Well, I guess I'll buy something to make up the penny difference, I always have stuff to buy so worth it instead of paying shipping... *sigh* I'm a bargain hunter, so this hurt... BUT when it came in the box was HUUUUUUGE and awesome!! And it has a kids' checklist :O The kids are also sparkly^^

Annnnd here was the item I used to get free shipping :p It's an awesome series, I'm just behind on it (since I usually buy other series, but I HAVE been on a Pokemon high as of late).

OMG OMG GEN 5 STUFFIES AT KINOKUNIYA!!! Well, there was also and Oshawott and Snivy, but OMG AXEW??!! I looove him! Since I already have PokeCen plush of the other two, I needed to get him before I can pick up his Muppet PokeCen version. He is just too cute, and I did not expect to see new stock, let alone Tomy plush!

The REAL reason I stopped in, was to pick up the other two Pose figures that I was missing from the set (now that I know that they tell you on the box what you get >_>) Very awesome, but sad they don't have the Arceus/Suicune/Raikou ones there :/

Also, some Clippings figures got restocked! Yay! I didn't know what they were when I first went there, but I sure do now! There was also a Lugio and Ho-Oh, but I've already bought so many of them, I wanted to spread my love of my diverse Pokemon loves! So, Dragonite and  Skarmory it was! These are nicely priced, and very nicely made! Very awesome! I just wish they could stick to their stands more >_>

Alright! My Raikou charm from my AnimeRaro order came in! But, here's the sad part: I ordered the Box B set from them on this order, to find out that that one was not only the last one, but couldn't be found and got a refund!!!! >_< There went spending $11 instead of $25 again.... *SIIIIGH...* I wanted those kids way too much at that point, so once again I ordered off Amazon...
Back to Raikou those, I loooove the Bandai charms! Too bad the North American capsule figure charms couldn't look this nice! Especially when you pay the same price, roughly...

Here he is with the others of my full set! Yaaaay! Movie 14s' merchandise are very awesome!

Finally, my Box B came in from Amazon today, right when I finished FINALLY getting a chance to watch my subbed Movie 14 today (I know I know! For collecting so much from the movie and loving Zoroark/Zorua, I only got to watch it now!) and I thought it was one of the best movies! Anyhow, the Kids are awesome, and it comes with another checklist, of the other half of the Pokemon. Definately handy and something I can look through and see which ones I'll look for in the future.

And lastly, my Amazon item I used to make it free shipping... Yay I'm in the Yellow arc now! I'll have to read it tonight!

*WHEW!* That's alotta stuff in a few short weeks! Time to save money now, which I know I should've been doing before, but collecting stuff you love can sure be a bad habbit when you spend a bit too much^^ The more I save now, the more I can save up and use at a later time!

Thanks for looking!!!
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