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sales, commissions, questions, wants, all kinds of things!

i would put some preview pictures on here, but my computer is being SO SLOW and wont let me do anything to resize them. so you will have so go on over to my journal for all the goodies.
there you will find a walky eevee, a pile of miscellaneous small figures, a notbyme custom for sale, and 4 commission slots for straight sale. more info in my journal. 
also i have some wants. and some questions about specific merch under the cut.

alright. here are all the things i want and will trade a custom plush for:
*bulbasaur pokemon time plush

*squirte pokemon time plush (i do have one already but the hinge in his mouth clicks, and i'm afraid it will break if i use it too much, so i want one that's more... stable ^^; )

*kanto starters pokemon time charms

* zukan pieces of the following pokemon (or the whole set that goes with each of these)

k and now my question:
is there a minicot of wartortle? does anyone have one and would like to take a picture for me?
i don't have any minicots, but they look super cute and i wouldn't mind having a couple :P

thanks for putting up with me! i hope you all have a great day ;)

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