Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Belated Discover Mills mall tour post!

I went to the mall tour a week and a half ago... just now getting around to uploading pics xD

We got there right when the mall opened basically, we were finished with everything around lunch time. xD

BEAUTIFUL DARGONS greeted us as we entered from the movie theater side. *drool*
Also ignore the too-short kid's shirt plz. Mikhail my Zorua came with me, confusing staff and attracting attention from fellow nerds. xD

The line to see the mascots was pretty long... I was squealing over Tepig the entire way, and trying to get my camera settings right for the cruddy lighting in the mall. Oh lawd I want that costume so bad.

Also the mall staff fails at taking photos. My partner and friend were cut out of the photo! @_@
We are standing next to the starter we picked. IT'S JUST LIKE THE GAME, WE ALL PICKED DIFFERENT THINGS AND ARE ALL FRIENDS :D *is a dork*

My swag! No I wasn't that lucky at the wheel... there was a lot of bartering involved to get all those piggies! And I bought the plush. I was confused that it wasn't a Pokédoll, I thought that was what they were giving out at the tour. I guess I've just not been paying close attention to the B&W merch releases, I didn't know these tiny guys existed. They're SOOOO soft too. :3 Mine's name is Wilbur!

A few other pics here:
Somebody else posted that silly group photo in the Pokemon frame so I won't repeat it. :3
I immensely enjoyed the tour and was glad we weren't the oldest people there... though I felt just like the little kids I saw, I was so excited! It reminded me of my first mall tour when I was 12.

Also, I don't want the jumbo card, anyone want to trade for different TCG cards or something?
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