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Auction Reminder + Zebstrika Merch + Question to Sellers

First off, just giving a new update on my auction. After thinking on it, minus the Whimsicott egg, I've decided to cancel the auctions and just put the customs straight to sales. I just don't have the time I thought I did to keep up with the auctions after something came  up.

This means that all the Deerling hats are for straight sale of $10.00 while the Cofagrigus, Snivy, Summer Deerling, and Woobat egg pillows are now $15.00 straight sale and I would love for them to go to good homes. They take up more room then you'll ever know and my candles keep getting bigger and pushing them out of the way. ;u;

The link can be found here for the custom sales:

I am also going to go ahead and say that I can make egg pillows for $15.00 no matter what the details or pokemon in my custom pillows post found here:



I know these questions can be old, annoying, etc. but I was curious what merch Zebstrika has? ;u; I've been so focused on the Litwick line and staying caught up with it, that I haven't been quite up to date about this thunder beauty. I know there's a hankie with her, but I wasn't sure what else there might be and couldn't find anymore in my searches. Any help is deeply appreciated! <3 


Also, a question to sellers:

Do you prefer when people ask for quotes on things and then never get back to you OR when the buyer comes back and politely declines?

After custom sales, past sales posts, and seeing what happens in other sales posts, I guess I wanted to know what the more frequent sellers think is more rude. I find it frustrating when I'm waiting for someone, and then they post elsewhere with more quotes/hold a wants post. :O I'm not sure if I should nudge the person and ask them if they're still interested or if I should just keep waiting? What do sellers do? :X

Tags: cofagrigus, custom, deerling, sales, snivy, woobat

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