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GA Attempt #1 IS HERE

Okay.  The box arrived today.  I have taken pictures of everyone's items and posted them for you.  The extras are up for sale.

Bag looks great and has the shoulder strap inside.  Unfortunately your pikachu plush was left out of the box.  The seller said she would get it in the mail tomorrow.

Cards look like they are in good condition.

Squirtle pencil topper has a few scuffs, but looks cute.

Taillow looks good, but Eevee has some paint loss on her neck fur in the back.

Charizard looks good.

Unfortunately, Mew has a lot of paint loss.  So I am going to offer you first pick of which ever of the leftover items you want and I'll throw that in for free.

They all appear to be in good condition.

This is totally cute and I have fallen in love with it.  I wish it were mine.

Torchic pencil topper & Bagon figure look good.  Raquayza has some paint loss on the red lines, but otherwise looks to be in good condition.

Everything looks pretty good.  Tin has a little scratching on the back and a little dent in the front (might be able to push that back out).  Treeko has a little separation going on, but I can't tell if it is damage or just the way it was made.

These are the items my daughter and I claimed.  The Big Pikachu is a bank and much cuter in person.  We just fell in love with it.


Each of these are $1 for participants and $2 for everyone else.

Each of these are $0.50 for participants and $1 for everyone else.

Pikachu Zipper Pull (Large) - doomycaffei
Pikachu Hasbro Beanie Plush - doomycaffei
Pikachu Zipper Pull (Small) - doomycaffei
Riolu Cell Phone Charm - doomycaffei
Buneary Buildable - irethsune
Pikachu 1 (tomy) - doomycaffei
Lickitung - pokepalace
Lickilicky - pokepalace
Mudkip - my_chapstick
Pikachu 2 (shoe string clip) - pokepalace
Pikachu 3 -
Pikachu 4 -
Pikachu 5 -
Chatot - pokepalace
Squirtle (Eraser) - doomycaffei
Turtwig - psychobreak
Palkia -
Latias -
Pikachu 6 - pokepalace
Pikachu 7 (pencil topper) - roxiired
Pelipper (pencil topper) -
Whismer (pencil topper) - irethsune
Pikachu 8 (pencil topper) - roxiired

Everyone please feel free to make your claims on the remaining items.  I will not have firm totals until after I hear from pokepalace and they claim their item.

I think that covers just about everything.  If I have left anything out please let me know.

UPDATE: All Additional claims are closed.  Bagging and shipping GA now.
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