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quick wants and a reminder!

Just wanted to post a quick reminder about my Magikarp pokedoll auction, going on over here! You can find a link to my sales in the same post c: And if anyone's after a Pidove, Axew, or Drilbur clipping figure, they're available from my group buy here!

To my buyers - thank you so much for your patience! I mailed out most packages today, save for the most recent sales  and an international package or two - I didn't have any customs forms on hand and didn't have time to fill them out at the post office ^^; Those will be going out this Saturday :D

Questions questions! Does anyone know of a rough release date on the Emonga Tomy plush and overdrive Zekrom/Reshiram zukan sets? 

Aaand does anyone know where I might purchase a Snivy-line snap-together kit thingy? There are a few on eBay but they're from Hong Kong so I'm a bit wary of the legit..ness XD Alternatively, is anyone selling a set or doing pickups or something? answered and purchased! Thank you mewten :D I'm also on the lookout for the Emonga figure strap if anyone's selling theirs from their collection!

And finally! I have a Houndoom zukan set that I'm considering selling. Sadly it doesn't have the original base, and Houndoom's peg is broken off in his belly. I'm just gauging interest right now, but if you might be interested, feel free to send me a message and I'll get some pictures! Aside from the broken peg-ness, it's in pretty great shape C:

Augh I feel like I had a lot more questions, but my mind went blank as soon as I started writing under the cut. XD Thank you for any info :D

Tags: magikarp, sales
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