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So Here is a Bit of my collection :D

 So considering I have been on this site for a little while, I would like to present my first collection post!

The picture was taken quite a long time ago when I was thinking about selling them. Charmander and Mudkip are my favorite but I kind of collect any plush. I'm planning to sell a a lot of them and start collecting only nice ones with tags that I want. I will get a want page together soon so you guys can sell/ advertise to me. I absolutely love people waving Pokemon dolls in my face and saying WANNT THIS??? That seriously wasn't even a joke... lol

Yeah sorry for so many pics. Some weren't in some of the pics. 
Ones not in any picture: (got after)
Ampharos Canvas
Pikachu Canvas
Vaporeon Canvas
Blissey Plush
Leafeon Canvas
Starly Canvas
Charmander Backpack
Pikachu Pillow Pet :)
About my Collection
I have collected since I was about 5, starting with my Charmander. I  realized after I uploaded that he wasn;t in the pictures, but a cleaner newer version of him is. I got really into collecting about a 2 yrs ago when my boyfriend broke up with me and I was really depressed. It was something that made me happy. Probably because I had to hide my love for Pokemon for a year because he didn't support it. Ever since I really don't care what my friends say because in the end I am so proud of the collection :)

The Dragonite Pillow Plush is something I bought for my friend a year ago for about 40-50... She doesn't collect and I am looking for a good fabrication to not give it to her. She already got make-up stains on it. :O SUCH DISRESPECT TO LORD DRAGONITE PILLOW PLUSH.
The GIANT Pikachu was one buy my boyfriend of a year, well he didn't win it... but he bribed the guy working at the game for 30 bucks :)
The Charizard Pillow Plush was a STEAL I think I got him for 9.99... there was a bunch up for a while but I don't know what happened...
The Charmander Pillow Plush (dirty one) was my very first doll and I have slept with him since I was five. I lub him!!!
The Large Shaymin a friend won for me at Knotts Scary Farm :) He threw a ball in one of those floating cups I was quite impressed
The Big Mew was a factory Defect and has a stain on his tummy. I got him for 1 dollar and 99 cents.
Umreon and Joteon Pokedolls are being sold on ebay right now, but I priced them pretty high. lol. I thought they were knock offs but apparently not.
Alot of my dolls are getting sold but most you would have to pry out of my hands.
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