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 I recently got some shiny new shelves for my collection. It's not until you have lots of space that you realise how big it's gotten!

(Image heavy!)

EEEE! This is all of them, save for my Mewtwo/Mew plushies & Mr Smith, the 1/1-ish Bulbasaur. They will be relocating to the top of these shelves soon.

Now some close-up shots...

Dialgas! I'm really happy with this collection; I think I'm missing an attack kid which I would like to track down, and my holy grail is the Kayiedo Pre-Order figure, but for now, I love it! My favourite item is with the attack pose Jakks figure or the Pokedoll, who is so soft and cute.

Generation 5 darlings! I am simply in love with Zoroark, as you can see! I'm waiting on a pay check to nab me a Zoroark Pokédoll, because she looks fantastic. I also have a tiny Snivy collection; I'm hoping to get the other 2 tins and figures to make a mini-GenV starter collection out of them. 

Soon, I have the Blitzle pokédoll coming from Sunyshore Pokémart, and a fantastic Darmanitan Kid to start off my 'collect all pokéteam members in kid form' collection!
Beasts! I love me some Raikou love. When I was younger and got Crystal, I adored Suicune, but, somehow, in the intervening years, Raikou has won me over. New items here include the legs separated roaring kid (to the far left of your screen) and the adorable keshipoke.
Poor Banpresto Raikou needs some moustache wax on his moustachey thing!

Arceuses... Arceui... God ponies! I love the whole collection here; the zukan is amazing, but my absolute favourite is the pokédoll; mine is named Gok and, yes, those are bunny ears. He says he likes them!
A little bit of a mish-mash in this picture! To the left of your screen is my Misc collection, including Kayiedo figures, a few zukan and my small Mewtwo and Castform collections. Then my Porygons, who are so bright I love them ridiculous amounts, and a few more miscellaneous kids. Glow in the dark shiny Minun is so cute!

SHIIIIIIIELDONS! EEEEE my little prehistoric shield-babies! I love this collection. I am |--| this close to finishing this collection (as far as I know!); I need the Shieldon megablock and the Shieldon Sho Pro keychain charm (GAH should have bought that while I had the chance ><). Aren't they adorable?
SNAILS! To the left, you can see my mini misc fossils collection, then my Omanyte and Omastar collection, too! I desperately need/want more of the Keshi rubber figures in different colours. I have such bad luck with finding them!
And lastly, my Bulbasaurs! I cannot remember a time when I didn't love this line; Bulbasaur was my first ever pokémon, and he is still one of my little darlings that I use in the post-game storyline of every pokémon game. And look how much range of merch he got! Fantastic!
And that brings me to the end of my collection update! I hope you enjoyed looking at all my pokémon as much as I enjoyed rearranging them all on their new shelves.
I have updated the trading card section of my sales journal; all items paid for by midnight GMT on Friday will be shipped out on Saturday!
Wish me luck for the next week, too - I finally get my first tattoo on Friday :D
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