Hand over my heart, gun to my head. (darkfaeprincess) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Collection update of sorts

 So it's been roughly about a year since I joined. I started with just a bunch of TCG, quite literally. I've now progressed to so much more than that.

This is just a little bit of my collection, not including all other figures besides Jakks and Kids.

This is just part of my kids. Also.. Mystery Dungeon Shinx, Landmin Jakks, Mystery Dungeon Skymin, Skymin Jakks. (I'll cover the stuff on the top shelf and the stuff on the shelf on the right in a minute. My husband and I made this black shelf. It's made specifically to fit kids figures. It's made long enough to fit any of the attack/laying kids and still looks great with the smaller ones. :)

Ignore the non-Pokemon on the right. This black shelf pictured is the first set of shelves my husband and I made. They're very sturdy and very lightweight. However, after we made them I was unhappy with how the kids sat on it, because it was made to fit everything from kids to TFG, so we made the other shelf in the previous picture.

As you can see, some of my kids figures have wear, but I love them all the same.

Jakks figures and some Tomys and other misc figures. Also Eeveelution plush, including my Leafeon Canvas plush standing on the Flareon Pokedoll

Up top: Pokedoll Skymin, Canvas Landmin, Christmas UFO Skymin, Pokedoll Landmin, UFO Skymin, Talking Landmin (missing the voicebox :( ) 
Down below: same stuff as before

Pikachu line shelf. Derpy Pikachu custom on the top right. I plan to put a mouth on him which the person who made him forgot to do, maybe he'll look less creepy. Adorable custom Pichu in the middle, he's very well done.

Pikachu canvas plush line :D 

Plusle and Minun shelf. Custom Plusle and Minun from the same person who did the Pichu. Minun's mouth fell off, but he's still so cute. Also, my recall plush in the back there :D

Giant Plusle is giant. Also, bowling pin Plusle and Minun. Bowling pin Pikachu was on the other shelf. :)

More kids, though very unorganized while I wait for the second kids specific shelf to dry. UFO Teddiursa with magnet feet, Jakks Teddiursa, two Meowths, Squirtle, Shellos, Pachirisu, Custom Castform, Munchlax. (again, ignore the non-Pokemon shelf)

That's all for now. I'll do a proper collection update after I've finished organizing everything into their new homes.
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