Lolita.ManEata (agalmatophiliac) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First post!

Hi! I'm new to this community and this is my first post. I've recently gotten back into pokemon after a long absence. Most of the stuff I have is from the year 2000 or earlier, haha, but i'm inspired to start collecting again. I just made my first purchase from someone off this community the other day!
Also, I used to have a lot more, but I went through one of those phases in middle school where I decided to get rid of most of my stuff D:

Everything I have all on my bed!

Pikachu plushes. The big one is really old and beat up, but I still love him. The one on the right is a backpack. Pikabug 8D

Pokemon binder to hold my cards in! The printing on it scrapes off really easily :\. I took pictures of all of my cards in the holder which you can view here . On top there you'll see my slowpoke tomy's, my pocket pikachu, and a charmeleon magnet.

All the mangas I own. Magical Pokemon Journey is my favorite! I'm looking to buy the rest of them.

A strange jigglypuff thing that I had to "color in" with the velvet-y stuff myself. I don't quite remember how it worked, I was 10 when I did it xD. A friend of my mother's brought it back from Japan for me.

I made these the other day! You can see them on my devart I really love all the custom stuff I am seeing in this community!

Blanket close-up. My favorite thing <3 this was also a gift from Japan.

I'm really impressed by a lot of the collections I see here! Sorry mine is so puny xD
My favorite pokemon are umbreon and slowpoke, but I just collect whatever I like really. I'm mostly only interested in the first two generations +all eevee evolutions. I'm really not very familiar with all these newer pokemon, hahaha.
Thanks for looking!

Tags: collection, custom, pikachu
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