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crazy ga has been relisted!!!!!!

We lost guys I'm sorry ._.

Soooo a week or two ago I had started this CRAZY GA - we had raised tons of money, and we were probably going to win but the seller closed the listing due to problems with the earthquakes in Japan. BUT I just went on Y!J and see they have relisted it!!!! So I am GAing this baby again!

We're starting from scratch, so get in here and bid on the items you want (and can identify! :P)!!!

Please click under the cut to see bigger pictures and see the rules!!! Please read everything carefully! Thanks so much!

So like last time, I am putting this on JUST to get the Marill figure I have crossed out in the first picture! I know I'm crazy

I'm claiming the red crossed out Marill for $3+

pokepalace is going to be doing the shipping for us! She will be claiming the following (for $20+):

slowking large figure
arbok tomy R of rayquaza
kangaskahn tomy R of rayquaza
big pikachu L of slowking
UPPER cleffa ball item TOP RIGHT OF ALL
ninetails tomy L slowking top closeup pic 3
white/purple digimon to L of ninetails (gatomon?) facedown
hoppip and skiploom tomys? L of lower cleffa ball in pic 4
tauros tomy L of grimer/muk
other tauros under ninetails
donphan under entei R of cleffa ball top closeup 4
dugtrio and aggron R of ninetails
geodude above aggrons tail
lickitung tomy, haunter above azurill
machoke above tauros

If you want any clarification of what items pokepalace means, please message her/comment here :> Also, if you think anything is unfair about the claims, please leave us a comment! But since the shipping is going to be a big job I personally feel the claims are appropriate ;D but again, if you have any questions/concerns we'll hear you out!!! <3

Basic Rules
* Bidding will end on March 27 11 AM UTC/GMT time. Countdown here!
* Community rules apply of course! So no sniping!
* You are committed to your bid, so do not bid if you do not intend to pay!
* If you want to bid higher, please respond to the user ahead of you
* Minimum bid increments of $1 please
* There will be 3 payments as this is going to be from SMJ. The first will be for the item + fees. Then shipping from the warehouse to the shipper. The third payment will be to pokepalace to ship the item from them to you.

I received sales permission in December/10
pokepalace received sales permission March 3/11

*There are A LOT of figures in this pile (some aren't even Pokemon!) so I am not making threads since I can not even identify half the items. Everyone is to make their own threads! Please start with a minimum of $1 bids, but feel free to have a higher starting bid if you'd like.

*If there are duplicate items and you are bidding on just one, PLEASE try to explain the whereabouts of the one you are bidding on. It would be great if you could even circle the item you are bidding on and post a link to it so we can all be very sure what figure you are bidding on.

*PLEASE search the bids/posts carefully to see if the item you are wanting hasn't already been bid on! If you see someone has made a post bidding on an item you think is the one you want to bid on BUT are not sure it's the same one, feel free to post and ask them for clarification. We're all going to have to help each other out since there are so many figures!

*Be prepared to possibly pay quite a bit more than you bid! Since there are so many figures, it will probably be heavy and shipping + fees may end up being costly!

*Please be prepared for delays in shipping and some potential confusion when we receive the lot. Since there are SO many items, it may take a while to try and match the correct items up to the winning bidder. It may be a lengthy process, so be prepared to wait after we win! (we WILL win!)

There's obviously going to be a lot of leftovers. I'm thinking the best thing is to sell them for cheap once the package is received? :) First to the GA participants, and then open it to the community!

Did I miss anything? Let me know if I did!

Let's try to win this baby again! :D

And only a little off topic but would anyone be interested in any of these magnets?

I bought these magnets for the Marill, and need homes for the rest. They would be $3.88 for one to pay SMJ, and then there's shipping fees eventually from the warehouse to the shipper, but that should be cheap. But shipping from me to you... I ship from Canada, unless someone wanted to do the shipping for me? I can guarantee shipping would be almost $5 for one of these guys.

Send me a message if interested :D
Tags: eevee, goldeen, group auction, ledyba, pikachu

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